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Purple Pavilion is currently a small company in Winnipeg of Manitoba. However, based on the broad relationship and tough background of founder, future of Purple Pavilion is the manufacturer from Diamond powder, alloy, CNC, peen, welding to XRD equipment, etc. Meanwhile, they are all the toppest level and based on ISO standard related. Based on the national level analysis of steel in China, Purple Pavilion could lunch out the failure analysis on steel related. So that, Purple Pavilion could advise the customer what is the trouble they catch. And most amazing things that Purple Pavilion also have some intellectual property related production selling by Purple Pavilion because funder is associate prof when he was in China. When he was in China, he is regarded as the unique one who completed measurement which all prof in Canada could not finished. And to show the respect, one prof in university abandon his title as Chair prof of Canada when he heard that founder of Purple Pavilion came to Canada. More academic dialogue will be on, not here.

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PDAC Toronto March 3-6, 2023

METALWORKING & MANUFACTURING EXPO Winnipeg, May 2, 2023, Booth 71

Central Canada Mineral Exploration Convention, Nov 6-7, 2023, Winnipeg, no booth

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