this beautiful pic is from Central Canada Mineral Exploration Convention, Nov 6-7, 2023, Winnipeg

3D lidar measurement for mining

precision to 1mm or 1cm

drill bit by carbide or steel knot carbide

Hardness is HRA 92 to 89, and precision is even ±0.001mm

Hydraulic Rock Breaking

Hercules Rod

Liquid Carbon Dioxide Splits Rock

cheap and green

Mining machine of milling of collector, repairing, CAT of collector, CAT, loader

E- or GAS- power, and special designing

Mining truck (E-truck max 20T)

E-, Gas-, Diesel- power

function parts for CAT as mining machine

milling, cutting, drilling, and breaking

Series Steel Plate of Wear-Resistant or High-Strength

max 10 feet width

peen shooting & auto welder tech

advanced tech of future is coming

Tool & Die Steel, and wearing-resistant steel

tech origin from CISRI

File analysis & Measurement technology

X ray method and material analysis