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The currently business of Purple Pavilion is follow

1  high tech research

Although founder quit his job from Feb 12, 2015, the ISO standard and related nano conference of world is still sink in the mug of how to do and where is the way. But the murdering from Fang and Suhong Zhou is still follow the founder. In the past, president took part in the e-power vehicle conference and he is real been rejected to do a lecture during the conference by the name of Purple Pavilion. But founder only said one words that nobody noticed during conference, low temperature. Winter of Manitoba is too cold enough to reach their thinking. As being regarded and admitted as student of a prof who is on level of Nobel Laureate, founder is still on the way forward owning prize. So, he must do some academic related advanced tech even he is still under the shadow of being murdered by someone. Nano is only one of his interesting and his research field is from nano to cosmos because they are similar and funny.

2 Ming tech and equipment

Such as carbide, steel knot carbide, and mining CAT or other things.

As the nano prof, owner of Purple Pavilion do not like E-mining truck too much. But in some location, it is needs to ship ore from mountain and energy is recycled and storage as electranic in battery to show the advantage to E-truck. Purple Pavilion admit this advantage of E-truck.

3 Advanced tech and tools

Founder has follow the development of diamond tools over 15 years, and advanced tech related CBN wheels,3D lidar tech, etc are also the focusing of Purple Pavilion. 

4 Agent of ore business related.

Purple Pavilion is also an agent of someone on the business of purchasing of copper mining or company share of copper mining company to get commission fee related.

5 tea business is failed in past but the shop online is still working.


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