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Talk about the story of Purple Pavilion is a long story, very long like legend.

From the childhood of founder, it is a question related why to study in school, what is the top of diploma? At that time, all education in China is chaos and million of yang man and woman were sent to country and did labor work for The Culture Revolution. No education in university indeed at that time and the ticket to enter university for student is not score but approve by the leader of factory which the student worked inside.

When growing up, the question changed into what the PHD will do after the graduation from university in the elementary school. The answer is to teach PHD in university. And, sadly, when the founder wants to be a PHD, the teacher of founder spend 3 years to destroy the dream of founder by wrong teaching on the English course. This divil action even effected the comminication between founder and other proffers in INCFA 2013. Everybody were happy in conference room of INCFA 2013 and nobody known this is the scar in memory, very deep. But, in high school, the founder overcomes the trouble by self-education and get the ticket forward university, and touched religion, thinking what the meaning of life? To be doctor and save person from illness is a good goal of live. However, in the university, founder of Purple Pavilion was poisoned and blood urine, it looks like the saving of soul is more honour for some bad person. But the ill-men never know founder had already completed the dream which the professors of world only dream in night but they lost brave to admit in day time. There are three dream of the student in high school, modify the theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein, beat a Norbel Laureate in his field, or grab the first in competition of mathematics, physics and chemistry at the same time. In bed and suffering the torture by death, the fame is look like the illusory and meaning of life is much important than a prize named Nobel. There must be a thing more precious than three dream in world.

παῖς ὢν κόσμιος γίνου,

ἡβῶν ἐγκρατής,

μέσος δίκαιος,

πρεσβύτης εὔβουλος,

τελευτῶν ἄλυπος.

When the founder entered the institute to get his first job in live, the similar thing happened again. Prof JY Zhang wants to cover the academic misconduct to cheat the government, and his student Fang with his wife Jing Hua want to murder the founder of Purple Pavilion to re-steal the drafting of ISO standard under the name of the love of China, and Su-Hong Zhou wants to re-rob the drafting of ISO nano standard from Fang to be the first female Norbel laureate of China. Being hunting and being murdered by these livestocks under the name of love for the motherland is so boring. The founder was forbidden to marriage by these animals. In 2010, trap was made by Fang and his wife, however, founder had chance to take part in lecture of Prof on level of Nobel Laureate and apply him to name a new physical phenomenon by the name of founder. Finally, in 2012, Sydney, Australia, founder got his forth in life. It is the admit from prof of NL level in public and to public. After taking part in INCFA 2012 and INCFA 2013, founder realize that life is so precious that could not be wasted. So, he quit job in 2015 and build this company, the target of his life is clearly. Leave the murder made by these animal on the name of loyal China behind the Pacific, and forget the barking made by these animals behind is a good life style to cover the scar of life. Seeking the peace of life and enjoy is still important and is not important for founder any more. 

 “Zwei Dinge erfüllen das Gemüt mit immer neuer und zunehmender Bewunderung und Ehrfurcht, je öfter und anhaltender sich das Nachdenken damit beschäftigt: Der bestirnte Himmel über mir, und das moralische Gesetz in mir.”