Powder metallurgy related

lab diamond

The institute of powder metallurgy which founder worked in past in CISRI is the first institute of China which tool part in the research of man-made diamond in 1962. It developed the metal related man-made diamond. So that the back ground and relationship net of funder on man-made diamond is good enough to sell in Canada. However, founder failed in past PDAC, MME and CMTS. So, selling of diamond in this PDAC is not point. But, request related diamond is also welcome. 

metal powder

CISRI is the first institute in China which import gas atomization and water atomization equipment from 1958. And CISRI developed equipment of gas-water atomization in 2003 of world. Purple Pavilion was offered the related equipment in past for company in Canada. But, the feedback is not very friendly. So, this business is not hight point in PDAC 2024. But, request related diamond is also welcome. 

movie-1- metal powder process

movie-2- metal powder process

3D printing then related

In 2016, the first 3D company appeared in Winnipeg and it rejected the job application of founder of Purple Pavilion, and also rejected the Ti alloy & steel 3D printing powder selling from Purple Pavilion on the lack of believing. That action is so funny that founder of Purple Pavilion did shortcoming discussion of 3D research in 2006. Obviously, the poor company did not know hand of Purple Pavilion is so long that powder of W for 3D had been reached. Lack of business and supporting money will not block the way of Purple Pavilion forward outstanding. 

atomization equipment of water, gas, or water+gas

Since the first institute using and development gas-, water-, and gas-water atomization of China is CISRI, nearly all person working on metal powder has background with CISRI. The equipment making metal powder offering by Purple Pavilion is best. However, in past, business of metal powder equipment is not successful. But, if customer want to import equipment, email Purple Pavililon please.

movie-water atomization equipment

CBN wheel

CBN wheel offering by Purple Pavilion is the best. But in MME and CMTS, the business action of Purple Pavilion is not successful. But Purple Pavilion is planning to open special ordering on CBN wheel for customers in Canada iafter summer of 2024. During the MME show 2022, Purple Pavilion had notice what tech is lacking in Canada. However, COVID-19 broken the plan of Purple Pavilion. COVID19 is pass by now. So, Purple Pavilion will come back on CBN wheel business action for grinding of carbide and steel in Winnipeg.


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