peen shooting tech & auto welder tech

Peen tech is an advanced tech during the process of machining. So, there factories in the east of Canada using this tech and the company and Proto Manufacturing Ltd. is located in LaSalle, Ontario, nearby Detroit of USA. Obviously, Purple Pavilion is agent of Peen Tech in Canada. Meanwhile, all related peen tech are serving now. 

 Here are some movie related peen tech follow.

movie-1 peen tech peen process for blade and plate made by superalloy

movie-2 peen tech peen process for superalloy blade in engine

movie-3 peen tech 

movie-4 peen tech peen process on surface of an axel

movie-5 peen tech

movie-6 peen tech


Tech of robot is the future and it is used more and more today than past. The quality is better than human being and shortcoming of robot is covered now. meanwhile, price is less than less.  
movie of the quality by welder robot
movie-welder robot is working
movie-welder robot is walking forward to work
Meanwhile, by the rising of tech, robot can learn on spot and be training  by person on spot. And it is not as much expensive as it in past. It is currently by using on long distance welding and repeat welding. Although, it is used in auto producing line in past. it just point welding. Complex welding is facing inside of robot tech and more person will back to the position of tech and quality inspection welding. Purple Pavilion Ltd. is selling the welding robot in Winnipeg, facing all Canada. Please email what you are looking for to us and we will offer you an advice.

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