Mining machine of milling of collector, repairing, CAT of collector, CAT, loader


Miller (continuous loader)

movie-1 miller (continuous loader) cable power


Repairing (underground , break the rock which block in tube)

Movie-1 hammer underground, tube surface repairer cable power 



Collector with CAT (continuous loader)

movie-1 continuous loader with CAT

movie-2 continuous loader with CAT


CAT (gas-power, left, small, ground and E-power right, big, underground) 

movie-1 small CAT on ground

movie-2 big CAT underground cable power


Loader (ground left, small and underground, big right)

Movie-1 small loader on ground gas power

Movie-2 big loader underground 

Power type is divided into E-, Gas-, Diesel- and cable-. More detailed information will be provided after communication by email or calling.