Tool & Die Steel and wearing-resistant steel



CISRI is the top institute working on iron & steel research of China. However, for the reason of standard difference between China and Canada, selling of tool & die steel of Purple Pavilion in MME and CMTS is not successful However, there many brand new steel have been developed in past. For example, H13 has been used over 50 years. CISRI developed a brand new steel name as H13 plus and better than H13.


Another example is the steel for slurry pump. There is a brand new steel had been invented in CISRI, three times better than before. Due to the standard difference between China and Canada, (maybe discriminate or ignorant indeed), Purple Pavilion was asked why honest should be trust during the selling process related this alloy. The output of steel of China was the top of world at 1996 and it is still the top until now. It is CISRI support the tech related. Meanwhile, only one institute of Germany and another institute Sweden are regarded as real institute related steel research of world by CISRI. 

Purple Pavilion had failed on business action in MME and CTMS in past. More details related these steel is only for customers. More detailed information will be provided after communication by email or calling.