Failure analysis & Measurement technology

As associate prof working on nano, metal material and advanced tech, founder of Purple Pavilion had done some failure analysis in past. There is only one company in Manitoba working on failutre. Founder had wanted to purchase this business in past and got reject of the owner of that lab.So, maybe in future, Purple Pavilion will do some business action on failure analysis and Purple Pavilion is also selling XRD equipment now.

Explosion in Aluminum factory

The explosion of Aluminum factory is an interesting memory. In the process of smelting, liquid aluminum dropped on the ground, and then caused a violent explosion. It is difficult to understand at the first time. Then, the sample was lied in front of me. By XRD, I noticed that the quantitative was changed during the explosion process and alumina with iron appeared in the debris. It is iron oxide was reduced to iron by liquid aluminum and that is the why.

Rupture of wheel rib

Some samples of broken of wheel rib were taken to Professor Li in past. After few days, I visited him and he was unhappy by the confuse reason of broken. I remembered that Al is reducing in the smelting process of iron, and I wanted to check quantitative in sample by XRF. However, no Al inside, but Mg is there. I told Prof Li and he told me that is the reason of broken. The difference of Mg and Al cause fractures from the grain boundary.

Different hardness of ultra-high strength steel on the same one block

One piece of ultra-high strength steel was cut into 2 pieces. However, the hardness is different, one HRC 30 and another HRC 58. It is suspected that the heat treatment system is the reason of this difference. The determination of retained austenite proves that these two steel had suffered different heat treatment by me.


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